Impurities Elimination

This is the new technology based on the patent (PCT/JP2015/83567) Nowadays the increase of the impurities among the steel scrap such as high tensile strength steel sheets making us difficult to use it as material for cast iron. Especially increase of Mn among the materials affects the quality of spheroidal graphite cast iron(FCD450).
This technology will help you to eliminate the impurities element and detoxify the material with minimum loss of essential elements :such as carbon and silicon. This provides you one of the solution to achieve the international competitiveness and improve the steel melting technology.

Features of this product

  • Achieved demanganization ratio 1.0mass% (per hour)
  • Good cost performance (3 yen/kg)
  • Innovative demanganization technology
  • Available your ladle on hand
Impurities Elimination

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