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we would like to provide the excellent service and present the product with leading technology to contribute the growth of our society.

Representative director Etsuo Murata


Since established in 1963, to respond the customer needs we have been seeking the possibility of cast-iron melting technology by adopting latest overseas technology or the researches assigned as national and municipal project.

Backed by the wide experience and in-depth knowledge in this field, we have been taking a role to develop foundries as only one cast-iron melting plant specialist in Japan.

To take an action for a green economy, we would like to undertake our steel melting and related technologies for finding solutions of the waste recycling or treatment plant. As ever, we would like to provide the excellent service and present the product with leading technology to contribute the growth of our society.

Company Naniwa Roki Co., LTD
Established Dec. 19,1964
Capital 20 million yen
Board member
Representative director
Etsuo Murata
Chief director
Hirotoshi Murata
Executive director
Yasuhiro Murata
Technical Director
Katsuhiro Tachiiri
Head Office 12-34 Shinmachi Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 579-8037, Japan(Access Map
TEL・FAX TEL.+81-72-986-2578 FAX.+81-72-988-1079
Branch factory
Yao Factory
5-1-8 Kamiocho Yao-shi, Osaka
Higashiosaka factory
12-34 Shinmachi Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
Mizuhai Factory
5-8-33 Mizuhai Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
Hokkaido Eniwa Branch
157-1 Minamishimamatsu Eniwa-shi, Hokkaido
Business Product lines
  • Shaft furnace facility
  • Incidental facilities for induction furnace ,arc furnace melting
  • Rotary furnace melting facility
  • Bio-cokes manufacture plant
Number of employees

30 people

・Design engineer
15 people
・Manufacturing engineer
10 people
・Clerical staff
5 people
Aug. 1963 Found engineering business at Nishi-ku, Osaka-city
Dec. 1964 Established Naniwa Roki Co., Ltd
Jan. 1967 Built the Factory at Yao-city
Aug. 1969 Start developing practical use of the cupola for consecutive operation
Sep. 1969 Increased the capital to capital 3 million yen
Nov. 1970 Start the research for developing the dust collector for cupolas
Oct. 1972 Started exclusive technical guidance, production and sales of dust collector from I.B.K West Germany.
May. 1974 Increased the capital to 10 million yen
Jan. 1975 Started the research and development of the energy-saving cupola for Natural resource department
Mar. 1985 Introduced technique of long term operation for no-lining hot blast cupola and heat exchanger “Econotherm” from West Germany KGT
Apr. 1990 Started sponsored research project of “Computer control technology in foundry dissolution process” from small business research institute’s general technology development project for 3 years
Mar. 1992 Started the technical cooperation of the pure oxygen rotary furnace with Air liquide(France) and Sogemi(Italy)
Dec. 1992 Transferred head office duties to HigashiOsaka-office
Aug. 1994 Started the fundamental experiment of environmental facilities (vertical ash dissolution facilities)
Jun. 1995 Started the fundamental experiment of environmental facilities (rotary model ash dissolution facilities)
Aug. 1997 Delivered and started operation of the vertical ash dissolution facilities plant
Sep. 1997 Introduced the latest dissolution facilities technology from Küttner (Germany) and Modern company (USA)
Jan. 1998 Started introduction of waste heat utilization high efficiency heat exchange system technology from Würz Germany
Aug. 1999 Delivered and started operation of Rotary model ash dissolution facilities to government office
Jul. 2002 Obtained the permission of ordinary construction and Tools and machines installation permission in Osaka
Nov. 2002 Increased the capital to capital 20 million yen
Mar. 2005 Start research and development for biocoke
Mar. 2006 Issued the first debenture bonds 《 Daisan Bank guaranteed 》 face value 50 million yen
Nov. 2008 Issued the second debenture bonds publication 《 Development Bank of Japan guarantee 》 face value 100 million yen
2010 Started practical biocoke production plant operation
Mar. 2011 Built a new office in Higashiosaka head office and new Higashiosaka factory
Feb. 2012 Received the commendation of the excellent company in 2011 Higashiosaka-city
Nov. 2014 Opened Eniwa branch, Hokkaido
Jun. 2017 Opened Mizuhai Factory