Material supply system

Material supply system

This is a new material feeding method considered entire cost reduction and working environment.
At the previous systerm, we had to relocate the material from the scale car to the charging machine at the back of electric furnace.
This creates noise and dust, and sometimes operation halts because of the material loss. 

To solve these matters, our experts designed consistent automatic system from charging to injection. Once you loaded the material on to the cart, no need to remove the material unitl as the cart goes in fronf of the furnace and put the material directly into the furnace.
As the materials are carried holizontally, the hight of the building to lift the material is not necessary any more.
This system saves the entire power of the facility and provides the relief from the noise and dust .

Features of this product

1. No more noise
After measured the material and burdened on the cart, the material is carried in fornt of the furnace quietly.

2. Compact facility
By using the special carrier(bucket), the material is carried holizontally, and no need to lift the material any more. Therefore you can minimize the hight of the building.

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