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<01>Cupola melting plant technology

Cupola melting plant technology

The fusion of our engineering knowledge specialized in foundry and our...

<02>Rotary furnace

Rotary furnace

This is an environment-friendly furnace,with clean energy(2800℃ pure o...

<03>Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

At the cupola furnace operation, exhaust the gas includes much carbon ...

<04>Material supply system

Material supply system

This is a new material feeding method considered entire cost reductio...

<05>Bio-coke manufacture facility

Bio-coke manufacture facility

Bio-coke is an environment-friendly biomass fuel that can be made from...

<06>Material Pre-heater

Material Pre-heater

Due to the trend of electric cost increase, the cost of smelting proce...

<07>Impurities Elimination

Impurities Elimination

This is the new technology based on the patent (PCT/JP2015/83567) Nowa...